Wide variety of omnivorous zoo animals and birds + insectivores and other species with similar feeding habits and nutritional requirements.



  • The Piscivore’s Dilemma
    By: Tim Zimmermann
    “The oceans are in serious trouble, creating a tough question for consumers: Should I eat wild fish, farmed fish, or no fish at all? The author, a longtime student of marine environments, dove into an amazing new world of ethical harvesters, renegade farmers, and problem-solving scientists. The result: your guide to sustainably enjoying nature’s finest source of protein.”
    “To see them idling in concrete raceways instead of chasing an insect hatch is a reminder that farmed life is a faint facsimile of life in the wild. But I will maintain my exemption for mussels, which in my opinion are an ethically defensible animal protein. “




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The definition of “zoo” is a broad one and it can incorporate aquariums, aviaries, safari parks, rescue centers & sanctuaries. HOPEFULLY …committed to the principles of animal welfare and conservation!. Learn more.


 Zoo Statistics


Zoo Statistics 
Total number of accredited zoos


Total number of people who visit a zoo annually


Annual zoo and aquarium revenue in the US.


Total number of animals in accredited institutions (Zoos, Aquariums, etc.)


Total number of species housed in all zoos


Total number of endangered species in Zoo captivity


Total amount of money contributed by zoos and aquariums annually


Total number of jobs provided by zoos


Total number of people that visit a zoo every year

175 million

Total number of zoos in Germany


Total number of species in the Berlin Zoo


Total size of the world's largest zoo

1,500 acres

Total number of zoos in the U.S.



Largest zoos in the world


Largest zoos in the worldAcresSpeciesIndividual Animals
Berlin Zoological Garden84150019,500
Henry Doorly Zoo And Aquarium13096217,000
London Zoo3675516,000
Beijing Zoo21995014,500
Columbus Zoo5807939,000
Toronto Zoo7104915,000
National Zoological Gardens of South Africa2107059,000
Moscow Zoo539276,000
Bronx Zoo2656504,000
San Diego Zoo1006503,700

Sources: Zoo Facts, National Zoo
Content Author: Statistic Brain
Date research was conducted: April 1, 2017
Zoo Statistics






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