Musca Domestica

Musca domestica Linnaeus

AKA House Fly


“Thought it will be impossible to feel empathy for the fly, its larvae can and it will serve us well” – Ana


Biology: There are four distinct stages in the life of a fly: egg, larva or maggot, pupa and adult. Depending on the temperature, it takes from 6 to 42 days for the egg to develop into the adult fly. The length of life is usually 2–3 weeks but in cooler conditions it may be as long as three months…… ”

“……..Eggs are usually laid in masses on organic material such as manure and garbage. Hatching occurs within a few hours. The young larvae burrow into the breeding material;….”

“Food : Both male and female flies feed on all kinds of human food, garbage and excreta, including sweat, and on animal dung. Under natural conditions flies seek a wide variety of food substances. Because of the structure…” More here !



Sustainable production of housefly (Musca domestica) larvae as a protein-rich feed ingredient by utilizing cattle manure

The common housefly, Musca domestica, is a considerable component of nutrient recycling in the environment. Use of housefly larvae to biodegrade manure presents an opportunity to reduce waste disposal while the rapidly assimilated insect biomass can also be used as a protein rich animal feed. In this study, we…”


“What’s good for humans can’t be bad for animals”.

This is why the Chinese are breeding insects to produce animal feed. Nutrition experts from the European research project PROteINSECT are now investigating how this protein-rich feed could also be used by farmers in Europe.



Use of fly larvae (Musca domestica) in feed for Macrobrachium sp.

In the present study, the potential of fly larvae meal as a protein source for incorporation in a diet used in culture animals of the genus Macrobrachium is evaluated. Two experimental feeds were formulated based on meal larvae, with differences in protein content (25 and 35%); they were provided to individuals of the genus and compared opposite with two commercial…


Insects as animal feed


Keep learning !!!!


Hangzhou Tianyuan Agriculture Company rearing fly larvae in pig manure

by Paul Vantomme

From animal WASTE to RESOURCES: Hangzhou Tianyuan Agriculture Company rearing fly larvae on pig manure to produce chicken feed protein. Summary video showing Prof. ZhiJian Zhang, PhD from the Zhejiang University, HangZhou, China.



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